Jeff Dill

Celebrating Ten Years with Jeff Dill

10 years ago, Jeff Dill joined Vynamic. I knew then, that big things, no – great things, would happen for the V-team. We’d scored, in fact we hit the jackpot – and we were only just beginning. Jeff’s spirit, energy, ethics and dedication have helped to shape and build what we all know as Vynamic today. Thank you, Jeff for 10 incredible years.  It’s been a perfect 10!

Dan Calista

Quotes From the Team


“Without a doubt, Jeff always does the right thing.”

“He’s the real dill.”

“His thoughtful, considered decision making is something I admire.”

“With Jeff, whatever the situation – stressful, funny, intense, relaxed – it’s good to have Jeff there.”

“We’re lucky to call him a colleague and friend.”

Humble yet confident.”

“He dominates any task or project in his path – it’s inspirational.”

“He is a project ninja.”

“Jeff brings an energy to the workplace that is both fun and motivational.”

“He’s simply the best.”

“Jeff has an ability to listen and respond thoughtfully in all situations.”

“A true leader.”

“His grins and laughter are contagious!”

“Everyone loves working with Jeff.  He is easy to talk to, open-minded, and collaborative.  He gives great advice and knows when to let his team just run with it, which is really appreciated.  He is AWESOME!”