Case Study

Concurrent Integration Strategy & Execution for Two Fast-Paced Acquisitions

In the midst of integrating one company from a prior deal, a mid-sized pharmaceutical organization made an additional acquisition with a narrow timeframe to complete the integration to meet contractual obligations. Read how Vynamic adapted plans and led a range of activities to meet the original target integration dates despite significant client resource constraints.

The Challenge

Acquisitions have been a key catalyst for life sciences companies to fuel growth. As the competition to win those opportunities has increased, so has the pace to complete the deals and achieve results through timely and effective integrations. As Vynamic was supporting a mid-sized pharmaceutical company with one integration, the need to start another arose through the acquisition of a new product. With tight contractual timelines and limited resources, the client turned to Vynamic to combine the efforts into a single plan, maintain all key target dates, and drive execution. 

The Approach

Successfully integrating organizations is complicated, which is why an adaptable, yet proven framework is essential to ensure success. With contractual milestones, limited resources to complete the work, and concurrent integrations of two distinct organizations, Vynamic adapted our standard Acquisition Integration framework in an agile manner. Utilizing strict prioritization, Vynamic worked closely with Human Resources, Medical Affairs, Information Technology, Commercial Operations, Legal, Finance, and other supporting functions to focus on four key areas:

Establish the Right PMO Framework  

Implemented a management framework that provided a clear and aligned structure for the parallel integrations. Underpinning this was a detailed cross-functional plan and set of PMO tools that fostered collaboration across stakeholders from all core business functions, including external vendors and contractors.  

Complete Current & Future State Assessments

Led the assessment of current state systems/processes across all facets of commercial operations (e.g. CRM, sampling, and promotion review process) and collaborated with key stakeholders to design comprehensive future state solutions.​ 

Define the Roadmap

Drafted the overall approach and roadmap for integration of core systems and associated processes with special attention on high priority workstreams such as patient services. 

Execute the Roadmap

While providing overall leadership to the integration, Vynamic also used our expertise to support key integration activities to ensure that they were completed by the required milestones. For example, Vynamic led the rebranding of key assets such as promotional materials, patient services hub, corporate websites, brand packaging, social media, and more. 

The Result

With Vynamic’s leadership and adaptable service framework, our client was able to pivot and meet all contractual milestones for the concurrent integrations. In addition, the prioritized plan and supporting tools allowed the client to achieve the ongoing, core business objectives that underpinned the business cases for the acquisitions. Upon project completion, the client was provided with a strong operating model to be used for the successful execution of future acquisitions. 

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