Case Study

Life Sciences, Health Systems, and Healthcare Tech: Working Together to Deliver Better Patient Outcomes

What if there was a digital tool that could close the loop between patient and provider, using data to improve diagnosis and treatment? Read how Vynamic addressed that question for a Life Sciences client by providing the leadership to make this concept a reality.

The Challenge

A large, multinational Life Sciences organization had partnered with a leading health system and technology vendor to develop an innovative digital health solution that could address an enduring challenge in the industry – closing the communication loop between patients and healthcare providers to consistently drive better outcomes for all. A potential solution would need to be integrated into the clinical workflow, drive improved efficiency, bridge the gaps between patients and providers, and ultimately improve clinical outcomes. In addition, the solution would need to capture value at all points of the patient journey: risk identification, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing support. The client reached out to Vynamic due to its proven ability to manage complex programs and deep understanding of the sectors within the healthcare industry.

The Approach

Successfully leading the creation and deployment of a solution to close the communication loop between patients and providers requires a combination of deep experience in complex, multi-stakeholder projects along with broad expertise across all sectors of the healthcare industry. Therefore, Vynamic was uniquely positioned to lead this initiative through its Partnership Integration, Change Management, and Technology Transformation services.

In doing so, Vynamic focused on the following: 

Established & Led Program Governance 

  • With partnerships across Life Sciences, health systems and technology providers, effective governance was a critical success factor. Vynamic used its experience to define a structure with clear roles/responsibilities and complemented this with ways of working that were specifically fit for the unique needs of this large-scale and complex initiative. 

Leveraged an Agile Approach to Planning and Monitoring 

  • A large and diverse set of stakeholders combined with the need for iteration required Vynamic to utilize an Agile management approach that included quick milestones, an openness to ‘fail forward’, and simplifying the path to the best solution. 

Supported Deal Strategy & Execution 

  • Beyond project leadership, implementation required Vynamic to be involved in all aspects of the program including drafting major terms of agreement, mobilizing team members across many locations, overall system and process design to connect the disparate sectors of life sciences and providers, and complete validation. 

Engaged the Broad Set of Internal & External Stakeholders 

  • With stakeholders across many companies, Vynamic created a comprehensive communication and change plan, along with the supporting materials, to align everyone through a proactive and patient-centered approach. 
  • The Vynamic team partnered closely with leadership and a cross-functional team of internal stakeholders representing multiple brands and therapeutic areas, to identify relevant use cases and ensure that the program’s approach and results were closely aligned with the organization’s specific business objectives. 

The Result

Vynamic managed the program and enabled the build of a scalable product on a regulated platform from proof of concept to deployment for patient and provider users. During this time, Vynamic directly supported the engagement with clinicians and innovation leads at 35+ US Health Systems to secure partnerships to co-develop and pilot the product and demonstrate value.   

The Life Sciences company and its health system partners conducted clinical studies across two different disease states to prove the clinical value of the pilot solution. After these validation studies, the team pursued external partners to acquire the product, enabling more rapid scaling of the solution. Vynamic continued to support the strategy and management of the externalization process, which included discussions with dozens of investor groups and digital health companies.   

Ultimately, the solution was purchased by a digital health company, and Vynamic facilitated the deal logistics and transition period. Today, the project and solution are recognized as a tremendous success story that is used as a benchmark for others in the industry who are trying to develop digital solutions that span the various sectors and key players across healthcare. 

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