Case Study

Optimizing Commercial Resources Through Business Transformation


Sales and Marketing teams within a global life sciences company lacked the information, framework, and tools to optimize commercial resourcing decisions at the local level – which in turn would help to better inform brand planning at the National level. A Vynamic team was asked to help mobilize capabilities that leveraged data driven analytics to optimize commercial resource investments across key therapeutic areas.


Vynamic worked hand-in-hand with the client to transform the ways of working for each Therapeutic Area. In collaboration with Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Operations, the team enabled engagement and mobilized capabilities that provided:

  • Simple and scalable online tools to support resource allocation planning;
  • Integrated data to provide regional views of commercial resource utilization;
  • Integrated view of regional contribution forecast with sales attainment data;
  • A feedback loop that guides future resource investment decisions.

2 Vynamic consultants, 3 key client stakeholders and 7 key business units / brands

Duration: Planning, design and implementation occurred over roughly 11 months

Savings: This business transformation was not identified as a cost savings exercise, but in better identifying the appropriate Sales Rep type for an open headcount it helped save roughly $1.3 M in Year 1


  • Created transparency into forecast, budgets, attainment and utilization for increased accountability
  • Enabled the leveraging of data driven analytics and historic utilization to advice resource investment
  • Provided Sales teams the support tools to test different resource scenarios before committing to one
  • Ensured that local knowledge from Sales teams supported the overall allocation of resources