Case Study

Redesign of Global Solutions Organization


With the appointment of new leadership, a global technology organization was looking to make changes to its organizational structure. Multiple acquisitions resulted in unclear product ownership from research to development to delivery.  This lack of direction created confusion across the organization and in the marketplace. In order to embark on a transformational journey to resolve these issues, leadership needed to set the stage organizationally and create a tactical path forward.

The client sought to better understand the current state of the organization including pain points both inside the organization and in the external marketplace. Additionally, our client needed assistance restructuring the organization to drive greater accountability.


Through detailed interviews with 30+ internal stakeholders, Vynamic identified pain points and talent gaps, while also validating client priorities and establishing guiding principles for design of the future organization.

To develop the new organization structure, Vynamic leveraged internal expertise and external research to deliver a new product aligned design to drive innovation and product-focus. We partnered with Global HR and conducted working sessions with client stakeholders to derive the unique future needs of the organization, while remaining grounded in current state realities. Once complete, the future state organization design was pressure tested with key business leaders to confirm assumptions and ensure alignment with business needs.


Following the interviews and assessment work, Vynamic rapidly delivered a proposed organizational structure, talent pipeline plan, and change management plan to evolve to the new structure.

Some specific results achieved include:

  • A detailed product-aligned organization structure
  • Recommendations for additional transformation efforts
  • A talent pipeline plan with prioritized roles to stand up new organization structure
  • A change management plan outlining the key activities required to implement new structure in an accelerated timeline