Case Study

Repositioning a Shared Function as a Valuable Strategic Partner

The analytics, data, and insights function of a large global pharmaceutical company experienced several substantial changes in a short timeframe. Learn how Vynamic helped reposition this remodeled function as a strategic partner to internal stakeholders through a robust communications toolkit that conveyed their new identity, value, and offerings in a compelling way.

The Challenge

The analyticsdata, and insightfunction of a large global pharmaceutical company experienced several substantial changes to its operating model including leadership, structure, and offerings. This team engaged Vynamic to reposition the remodeled function as a strategic partner to internal cross-functional stakeholders by clarifying its value proposition and establishing a new “brand identity”. 

The Approach

Clear and compelling communications start with internal alignment and clear purposeWorking sessions sparked new ways of thinking that brought clarity to the team and drove the development of a comprehensive communications toolkit that included: 

Function On A Page”

A one-pager that succinctly describes the team’s overarching goals and each of its six service offerings value in lay terms. This quickly answers the questions “Who are we?” and “What can we do for you?”   

Service Offering Elevator Pitches

Simple elevator pitches that each service offering team can use during meetings with cross-functional stakeholders to describe offerings with great clarity. 

Service Offering Value-Props: 

One-pagers for each service offering that describe who they are, what they do and deliver, the value to the business, problems they solve to support the business, anmeasures of success. 

Service Offering Interaction Models

Process flows rooted in solving top business objectives that demonstrate “how it works” to offer high-quality analytical products and tools.  

The Results

Vynamic delivered a Strategic Communications Toolkit that conveys the functional team’s service offerings and value to the business. The toolkit was designed so that it could be used for meetings with cross-functional stakeholders or to onboard their own growing team. Our client can now clearly and confidently communicate their mission, optimize how they work and perform, and serve as a true strategic partner with cross-functional stakeholders. 

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