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Health Plans

Payers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), Third-party Administrators (TPAs), and Health Plan Services

Regulatory requirements, marketplace dynamics, and the evolving competitive landscape are compelling health plans to transform their businesses and operating models. Health plans that will win the marketplace will need innovative approaches to solving the challenges of today and tomorrow across medical cost management, administrative cost controls, value creation, revenue maximization and changes in the regulatory environment. Investments in strategic partnerships, innovation engines, and the commercialization of capabilities will unlock growth and diversification opportunities, to enable health plans to succeed in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Vynamic is working with clients in areas including:

Strategic Partnership Creation

Health Plans are changing their value proposition in the healthcare system by building best-in-class capabilities across customer service, population health, and cost transparency. Vynamic helps clients develop the right tools and experience to create strategic partnerships in an agile way.

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Product Design & Implementation

As the health insurance landscape evolves and new entrant data becomes available, health plans need to strategically evaluate their product portfolios in order to excel in the competitive marketplace. Vynamic helps clients in four key ways.

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Medical Cost Program Development & Execution

Rising consumption and prices of medical services, coupled with a lack of transparency to consumers on both prices and quality, are pressuring health plans to better manage medical costs. Vynamic helps clients manage their population with data-driven program design, outcomes-driven implementation, and ongoing analysis of internal capabilities.

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Operating Model Transformation

One of the most strategic investments a leader can make to achieve profitable growth is an aligned operating model. Vynamic helps clients address misaligned business strategy by redesigning how talent, processes, and technologies enable desired business performance.

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Regulatory Environment Navigation

Given the uncertain political climate, financial challenges and capacity issues within healthcare organizations, health plans require thought leadership and skilled execution to capitalize on the changing regulatory environment. Vynamic helps clients in four key ways.

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