2023 Healthcare Industry Trends

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In this episode, Mindy kicks off the new year by bringing Karen Baldry (Life Sciences), Ryan Hummel (Providers), Saurabh Raman (Health Plans), and Mary Virzi (Healthcare Technology) together to discuss the most impactful industry trends shaping 2023. Particularly appropriate given the top trend Vynamic has identified this year – the convergence of healthcare to create value (1:15). Collaboration will also be critical in addressing the next trend – the growing healthcare workforce crisis (6:00). The next two trends have to do with expansion – in the definition of health to include healthcare plus selfcare (10:40) and the marketplace for precision therapy and digital therapeutics (14:02). The final trend explored is the shift from acknowledgment to activation when it comes to health equity (17:30). Finally, the group ties it all together with a discussion on how listeners can incorporate these trends into their 2023 plans (22:50).  


For additional information on these 2023 Healthcare Industry Trends, check out Vynamic’s recent insight and infographic


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Mindy McGrath, Healthcare Industry Advisor and Head of Public Health Sector 

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Karen Baldry, Executive and Head of Life Sciences Sector 

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Ryan Hummel, Executive and Head of Provider Sector 

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Saurabh Raman, Director and Head of Health Plan Sector 

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Mary Virzi, Executive and Head of Healthcare Technology Sector 

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