Clinical Research: A Strategic Opportunity for Hospitals

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Clinical Research is traditionally thought of as an opportunity belonging to Academic Medical Centers. In this release of our Hi 5 podcast episode you will understand what clinical research is, the benefit and the challenge, but more importantly, why both sponsored and non-sponsored research should be considered a focus for all hospitals, not just AMCs. Our guest, Shirley Trainor-Thomas, President and Principal Strategist at Phase Up Research also shares her thoughts on how hospitals can evaluate clinical research as a strategic opportunity.







Mindy recommended reading a recently published article from Modern Healthcare entitled “Why Prescription Drug List Price Matters.” The national conversation on drug list price has focused on the rebate structures that exist throughout the pharmacy supply chain. The article dives into an often-missed element of why prescription drug price matters – the changing benefit construct.



Ryan discussed a recent New York Times article pertaining to the revolutionary progress on HIV treatment and what this means in possibly advancing medicines and treatment beyond disease progression.



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