Compliance and the Future of Customer Engagement

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With the explosion of digital channels and accompanying shifts in customer preferences, life sciences are reshaping their customer engagement models across commercial, medical, and market access organizations. In this episode, Jen and Mindy are joined by special guest Hunter Goga to how the customer engagement model has evolved and what leaders should be considering from a compliance perspective as they look to innovate in this space. Traditionally siloed interactions are evolving (00:47) in both who and how life science companies are engaging with customers (02:09). This evolution to a true omnichannel approach is not without its pain points (05:36) both operationally and from a compliance perspective (06:58). The demand on these groups within life science organizations is high (08:10) and success will require working in a new way. Healthcare leaders should be considering not only the structural implications for their customer facing organizations (10:16) but also how they can partner with compliance early and often to innovate safely (11:05).

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