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As health systems around the globe grapple with addressing inequity in healthcare, one of the most tangible opportunities for change is the chronic underrepresentation of individuals by race, ethnicity, or sex in clinical trials. Jen & Ryan are joined by Vynamic’s Matt Howard to discuss how life science companies can integrate diversity, equity & inclusion throughout the clinical trials process to facilitate better outcomes. Better representation across patient types is critical to demonstrate safety and efficacy – it’s both good science and good business (01:18). However, truly integrating DEI is going to require more than ‘bolting on’ diverse patient recruitment practices – it will require an operational and mindset shift that necessitates an appreciation of the historic inequities within the clinical trial space (03:22). Opportunities to improve DEI abound throughout the clinical trial lifecycle – from reevaluating exclusion criteria (06:27) and protocol design (08:46), to reallocating resources across sites and focusing on tailored interactions with participant communities (15:00). Incorporating these tactics into a long-term strategy will require leaders to move away from a ‘speed first’ approach (21:30) and embrace opportunities for partnership across all stages of the clinical trial continuum (24:15)


For additional information on DEI in Clinical Trials, check out Vynamic’s insight “Integrating Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Throughout Clinical Trials” and case study “Prioritizing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Across Research & Development.”


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