EHRs – The Information Gateway in Healthcare

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The adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR’s or EMR’s) has been, like many healthcare solutions, a revolution, with implementations happening in an extremely rapid fashion. And there are no plans on it slowing down. We discuss whether the Electronic Health Record is structured to be the ultimate gatekeeper in the industry. And joining us is guest, Chris Notti, Chief Information Strategist for Jefferson Health System to dig into the good, bad, and potential of EHRs.



According to the Grand View Research group, the EHR market will total $33.41 billion —by 2025. The growth in market size indicates a dramatic increase.



There are visceral reactions to the use of EHRs. While many physicians understand the need for electronic health records, there are equally as many reasons why physicians detest the solutions they are required to use.  In his article, “Why Doctors Hate Their Computers,” Atul Gawande, MD and current CEO of the Amazon/Berkshire Hathaway/JP Morgan Chase initiative, shares his argument that screens are taking a toll on the physician/patient relationship.



In one of the largest IT contracts in the government, The Department of Veterans Affairs has taken the initiative of replacing its’ legacy Vista EHR platform with the implementation of Cerner’s solution.



Mindy discussed an article from the Wall Street Journal on a hospital bed manufacturer’s adoption of sensors to enhance patient monitoring and notifications during a hospital stay.



Ryan discussed a recent CMS report detailing a lower than expected growth trajectory in key US health expenditure categories such as clinical services and prescription drug services.



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