Innovations Across the Atlantic: What the US & UK Can Learn From Each Other When it Comes to Crisis Care

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One of the advantages of serving clients across multiple geographies is that Vynamic can see firsthand how the differences in health systems play out in terms of spend, outcomes, and innovation. Jen & Ryan are joined by Vynamic London’s Oliver White and Vynamic Boston’s Shari Robbins to discuss key differences between the health systems in each country and what they can learn from one another as they move healthcare delivery out of the hospital and into the community setting. In one sense, the US and UK represent two extremes on the delivery system spectrum: the US has the largest private sector system globally while the UK has the largest publicly funded system. They also differ in key metrics around healthcare spend and outcomes (01:19), science and technology (04:21), and wait times for elective procedures and emergency care (06:21). Despite these differences, both systems are focused on improving cost and customer satisfaction – especially when it comes to telehealth and home care (09:05). One model the NHS has put forward in this effort is Community Crisis Response Teams (12:38) – a model that could be attractive as US health systems look to transition care to the home and alleviate emergency department (ED) volumes (15:13). While implementing such a model could present scaling challenges in the US market (16:45), it could also offer opportunities for health plans and providers to improve quality, outcomes, and patient satisfaction (18:29).


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