Spotlight Trends Minisode: Healthcare Technology

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As 2020 winds down, we want to look to the year ahead. In this minisode, we sit down with Vynamic’s Healthcare Technology Sector Advisor, Chrisna Govin, to discuss the trends she sees being the most impactful in 2021. The episode opens with a discussion of the accelerants that are causing rapid adoption of technologies across the healthcare ecosystem, including COVID-19, continued growth of the aging population, increasing diversity and inclusion expectations, and overall comfort with technology (00:35). The scope of virtual care is rapidly expanding across care settings, use cases, and specialty care (01:15) and health plans and providers are considering new digital front doors in seamlessly connecting patients with care (01:59). Consumer whole person focus is broadening the definition of health, what it means for their portfolios, and what technology and data partnerships they will need to support this shift (02:42). The race for actionable intelligence is making new and innovative partnerships with technology companies critical to success across the healthcare industry (03:56). The interview closes with consideration of the impact of these trends (05:10), including the faster evolution, increased flexibility, and improved resilience of the healthcare industry.

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