Vynamic partners with our clients to achieve their DEI objectives aimed to close health equity gaps. We activate DEI strategy in close alignment with talent, product development, launch, and commercialization teams by empowering teams, diversifying clinical trials, broadening patient outreach, and enhancing marketing initiatives.

How We Help

Clinical Trial Diversity

We help clients traverse the complex, nuanced, multi-player clinical trial lifecycle to reach clinical trial diversity goals. We do this through the implementation or expansion of diversified patient outreach, recruitment, education, and retention efforts, as well as physician outreach and DEI education.

Health Equity Strategy

We support our clients' goals to bring life-changing and life-saving medicines and treatments to populations that have been historically marginalized and underrepresented, with the aim to close health equity gaps and bridge community distrust.

DEI Strategy & Roadmap Development

We can help clients along any point in their DEI journey – from understanding the business case and assessing current state to developing a designed-for-purpose roadmap. We meet clients where they are and help accelerate their efforts in a highly flexible way. 

DEI Mobilization & Execution

We can work with executive leadership teams, DEI leaders or councils, or other tasked teams to structure initiative delivery teams, establish remit and governance, and drive or manage progress on DEI activities.

Team & Personal Development for DEI Growth

We offer bite-sized conversation workshops to complement a broader DEI strategy. We have a menu of session topic options or can partner with organizations to craft topics that are tailored to your specific needs.

Org Design for DEI Success

We partner with clients to design fit-for-purpose org structures that enable delivery on DEI commitments. This requires identified decision-making authority and cross-functional buy-in, support, and action. Org design is an often overlooked aspect of DEI strategy, but instrumental to long-term success.