As technology companies seize the opportunity to enable healthcare through innovation, it’s more critical than ever to develop the right commercialization strategy that brings a differentiated, high value offering to market that drives organizational growth and brand eminence. Vynamic uses a data-driven approach to defining a market, identifying a target, unearthing customer needs, and creating a differentiating value prop that aligns and elevates all organizational activities to engage customers in a trustful relationship.

How We Help

Place Smart Bets On Where To Play

Conduct primary and secondary research to use an insights and data-driven approach to define the market and prioritize customer segments. Assess competitive landscape to identify white space opportunities. Enhance your product/service to ensure it's rooted in customer centricity and delivering on the right unmet need to drive in-market success.

Crystallize A Unique Market Position And Value Proposition

Craft rich customer personas that serve as a guide for journey mapping and customized message development. Articulate a unique value proposition to distinguish the brand offering and unify all go-to-market activities. Test and refine positioning with primary market research and feedback mechanisms.

Find And Reach Your Target Customer

Develop use case scenarios and offering, contracting, and pricing strategies that leverage the unique market position. Drive efficiency of cross-functional teams through sales org design, account targeting, training, and incentive design. Develop and leverage multi-channel marketing plans to efficiently reach target segments and drive lead generation.

Get Launch-Ready And Enable Success Through Aligned Action

Define multi-workstream launch readiness T-Minus plans. Coordinate launch campaigns and events leading up to and on launch day. Ensure launch excellence and ROI measurement through ongoing optimization strategies.