Our core Product Launch offering builds robust launch leadership by strengthening governance, tactical planning, communication, and collaboration. It’s an entirely flexible model designed for your specific needs.


We provide expert support across the following areas:

Launch Strategy Development

We can help you:
  • Analyze the market opportunity
  • Define your brand vision and market-entry strategy
  • Structure and drive product planning with key stakeholders
  • Specify the patient experience journey

Launch Standup

We can help you:
  • Define and establish internal teams and governance
  • Align your strategic launch objectives
  • Create ways of working and collaborations for the launch team
  • Shape your KPIs (pre- and post-launch)
  • Set up and implement Culture Curation

Launch Coordination

We can help you:
  • Develop and manage the cross-functional launch plan
  • Identify risk and plan mitigation
  • Prioritize assets and plan for the Medical Legal Regulatory review
  • Manage Launch Readiness Reviews with executive teams
  • Prepare for regulatory approval day and cross-functional execution