Healthcare leaders face a multitude of challenges and must be both purposeful and flexible in their leadership approach; their broad responsibility spans from frontline team members, to executive leaders, to boardrooms. Vynamic helps healthcare leaders by engaging and directing departmental objectives, optimizing team engagement forums, and focusing on leadership development, allowing our partners to better focus on their strategic priorities and coach their leadership team. Vynamic’s bold, yet humble team facilitates change as an extension of the leaders they support.

What We Do

Leadership Enablement

  • Serve as a dedicated Chief of Staff
  • Create robust communication programs
  • Execute strategic programming
  • Lead a “SWAT” team on process improvement initiatives

Leadership Development

  • Define and coach senior leadership brand & expectations
  • Develop strategy to recognize and address key leadership competency gaps
  • Enable leader as a coach
  • Provide executive & leadership coaching
  • Develop & manage 360 feedback process
  • Develop leadership training curriculum

How We Help

Develop a Thorough Understanding of Current Operating Models

We achieve a thorough understanding of Provider Operating Models by embedding ourselves within client organizations and assessing the current organizational landscape. Our team members survey key leaders and team members to identify development opportunities.

Identify Key Organizational Priorities

Vynamic utilizes a leadership competency assessment and checklist to help clients identify organizational priorities.

Develop an Execution Plan & Timeline

Our team tailors an implementation plan that includes custom interventions, leadership development strategies, and high-performance management tactics to meet client’s strategic organizational imperatives. Once the plan and timeline are developed, we’ll also identify a transition approach to client operational leads to continue with these as business-as-usual activities.

Monitor & Track Performance

A dashboard to track KPI’s and metrics tailored to the client’s strategic priorities is provided, enabling ongoing management and oversight of leadership development and enablement activities.