Vynamic serves as a strategic partner in navigating the increasingly complex payer landscape and external pressures with the goal of sustainable access for patients globally. We partner with cross functional teams to design and implement strategies for customers that enhance accessibility, considering both external and internal factors. This includes unique product and portfolio factors, market dynamics, organizational culture, and internal operations.

How We Help

Access Landscape Understanding

We help clients assess current market and policy trends; healthcare system nuances, specifically around pricing and reimbursement; key customers and influencers; and provide actionable recommendations to inform product and portfolio access strategies.

Value, Price, & Contracting Planning

To help clients achieve sustainable access, we partner with teams to develop an operational roadmap for value, price, and contracting strategies by structuring market research plans, creating tools and processes for contracting, and defining key partnerships and activities required for sustainable access (e.g., distributors, wholesalers, pharmacies, etc.).

Payer Customer Engagement

A customer engagement strategy is only effective if it can be successfully delivered. We help market access teams execute on payer marketing strategy by developing tailored customer engagement plans and defining success measures to evaluate engagement.

Market Access Strategy & Execution

We partner with market access teams to effectively articulate the vision across markets, regions, and divisions; define key priorities; and mobilize critical activities with nuance based on the market landscape and internal operations.

Cross-Functional Op Models & Org Design

Knowing the importance of cross-functional alignment, we assess current operating model and structures, define requirements, and make recommendations based on the unique culture of the organization, with a key focus on ensuring appropriate cross-functional collaboration and integration of market access teams with other functions.

Data Infrastructure

Underpinning any effective market access strategy is the right data and insights infrastructure. We help clients evaluate current state, determine business requirements including leveraging industry best practices, and evaluate in-house and outsourced options and vendors for customized recommendations for data infrastructure needs.