Vynamic applies its understanding of our clients’ unique needs, the capabilities of external partners, and the broader healthcare industry to establish and operationalize partnerships that achieve the expected outcomes and assure mutual success.

How We Help


When our clients have decided to co-promote with another organization, they often engage Vynamic to establish and implement the shared understanding, ways of working, and consistent approaches required for mutual success. Vynamic applies its deep understanding of Product Launch, Go-To-Market Strategy, and the complex interdependencies of these arrangements to simplify and amplify results.

Technology, Data & Services Partnerships

Developing and commercializing products requires the right set of technology, data, and services to support Life Sciences organizations and the many stakeholders that they serve (e.g., patients, providers). Vynamic helps our clients to establish and enable complementary partnerships that seamlessly fit into their business to achieve the desired results.

Health System Partnerships

As Life Sciences companies and health systems continue to partner more and more to achieve better patient outcomes, Vynamic helps both organizations define partnership opportunities, implement programs, measure shared success, and scale for value.

Diagnostics Partnerships

For Life Sciences and biotech companies in the oncology and other complex therapy areas, partnerships with innovative and effective diagnostic solutions are critical to identify the right medicines for each unique patient. We help clients develop and execute on their diagnostic strategies to drive test adoption and awareness and better understand challenges to patient access.