In today’s highly competitive digital market, technology companies must constantly assess where they are in the market, reflect on where they want to go and grow compared to their competitors, and be ready to pivot based on the voice of the customer. Establishing a portfolio strategy and enabling the right processes to stay in tune with the customer voice are needed to keep pulse of market cues that could impact your market share.

How We Help

Frame Your Position In The Market

Identify key competitors and assess market dynamics such as current market size, rate of market growth, and total addressable market. Collect and evaluate org and customer data to identify product and solution strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and customer unmet needs. Align on long-term portfolio goals that enable company vision.

Develop 3-5 Year Product Strategies

Conduct competitive simulation exercises where necessary to frame key moves to anticipate in portfolio strategy. Drive collaborative working sessions with product teams to identify major moves within products to fill gaps/unmet needs, capitalize on strengths, and anticipate competitive moves and shifting market dynamics.

Establish Business Cases And Align Resources

Develop sales and revenue projections that align with 3-5 year strategies. Identify short vs. mid-term investment needed to meet goals outlined in product strategies. Gain alignment from key stakeholders and executive sponsors.

Enable Ongoing Evolutions Through Investment Planning and Governance Processes

Design processes and align decision-makers to manage ongoing investment decisions across portfolio. Design major and minor release product governance processes, aligning to technology industry best practices. Gain alignment from commercial leadership and owners of the customer voice.