Ongoing changes to regulatory requirements, industry shifts, and strategic positioning require ongoing process transformation and evolving the ways we work. Vynamic deploys a relatable lean-inspired approach to optimizing core processes. We curate our methodology to fit provider organizational need, improving pull-through and enabling sustainable solutions for the long term.

What We Do

Process Excellence

  • Kaizen Events
  • Current State Analysis
  • Work Systems Model
  • Process Gap Analysis
  • Process Efficiency
  • Relatable Lean
  • Small & Large-Scale Lean
  • Clinical Process Flow
  • Customizable/Curated Lean
  • Agile/Modular Lean
  • Applied Lean/Lean Inspired
  • Lean-Based Operating System Methodology

Behavior Change

  • Change Agent Network
  • Culture Pull-Through
  • Change Ways of Working
  • Culture Shift
  • Understanding of Core Values, Culture, and Behaviors
  • Enabling Sustainable Solutions for the Long Term
  • Change Stickiness and Frictionless Transition
  • Psychological Safety

How We Help

Define Process & Behavior Change Priorities

Our team immerses themselves into the client’s culture to empathetically understand where the highest priorities exist.

Design Remediation & Change Enablement Approach

We will craft a unique approach rooted in proven methodology, that resonates with the client’s organizational heartbeat.

Test Interventions & Implement

It’s essential to safely test and measure solutions during implementation. Our experts will craft a plan forward to ensure all stakeholders have a seat at the table.

Adapt & Adjust

We leave clients with a framework that allows ongoing monitoring and adaptation, instilling a culture of ongoing improvement.