Scenario planning for the future is of the utmost importance to healthcare provider organizations today. Uncertainty with reimbursement schedules, non-traditional service suppliers, and changing healthcare consumer behaviors require healthcare organizations to reimagine their futures and plan for the long term.

What We Do

  • Actionable Future State Roadmap for Organizational Growth & Maturity
  • Business Case Development
  • Create New Capabilities
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Differentiated Strategic Planning
  • Growth Maturity Model (Partnership to Acquisition)
  • Guide Providers from Sick Care to Healthcare
  • ICS – Integrated Care Systems Development & Implementation
  • ICP – Integrated Care Providers
  • Organizational Development, Structure, and Governance
  • Integrated Care Delivery
  • Integration Strategy/Roadmap
  • Non-Clinical Support Services Optimization
  • Operating Model Redesign
  • Preparing for the Future of Healthcare via Digital Transformation
  • Service Analysis (e.g., identifying new services most beneficial to a community)
  • Value Based Care Contracting
  • Winter Planning

How We Help

Define Strategic Imperatives & Value Drivers to Be Addressed

Vynamic facilitates stakeholder interviews and visioning workshops to help define strategic priorities that move the needle closer to clients’ goals.

Assess Current State Landscape

We’ll also complete a current state assessment of current capabilities against defined priorities, industry best practices, and benchmarks.

Design Actionable Strategy Playbook

Our team outlines a plan to transform the client’s organization from where it is today to where it needs to be in the future according to the current industry landscape and client strategic priorities.

Implement & Monitor

Using a phased approach that prioritizes quick wins and gaining momentum, Vynamic works with clients to implement their strategy and monitor progress against key performance indicators.