Thrive Live empowers team members to share their passions. Each month, a Thrive Live Captain plans and executes an event and invites the entire company to join in on the #fun.

Summer 2019

Marvel at The Franklin Institute

The Philadelphia team got together for the very first Thrive Live event to include families. The Vynamic office was even more lively than usual that evening when an army of shorter Marvel fans began to arrive and take over all of the whiteboards in the Vynamic office. The Marvel exhibit at the Franklin Institute was a fantastic display of memorabilia from both the comics and the movies. There was a little something for everyone (from passionate enthusiast to casual fan) in this new exhibit, as it celebrates the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics. Everyone spent time moving through the exhibit and then met back at the Vynamic office for dinner, dessert, and more whiteboard drawing!

Why I am passionate about it:

Superheroes are a family affair in my house. I am a mom of three boys and we have been in deep in the Marvel world since the beginning. I have seen all the movies multiple times with my kids, except for the last two, so don’t spoil it for me. We love the characters and the stories.
As I watch these movies with my kids I look for key messages to highlight. There are so many, but the one I love the most is “Be You”. Big, small, fast, smart, whatever. Marvel shows us, again and again, that we all contribute to something bigger. We all are valuable in our own ways. We don’t need to change for others. All of this in the context of ‘we are part of a team’. It’s an awesome message for my kids. For the last 12 years, I have been hosting what we affectionately call “Snuggle Time” every night in our household. We all jump into bed and more often than not a Marvel movie is the backdrop. We catch up on our day, and I learn what “being you” means for each of my sons. I treasure the experience.

Spring 2019

The Mural Mile

This Thrive Live was all about about leaving our mark on our home city of Philadelphia! This event started with an evening tour of local murals, giving us a deeper appreciation and understanding of how local artists use building walls to share amazing stories. Then, the team got hands-on, spending the rest of the evening helping to paint a mural titled “Harper St. Garden” that will be revealed in the city this summer!

Why I am passionate about it:

To put it simply, Philadelphia is just different. We are a city with a chip on our shoulder but, known for our friendly attitudes. We are a city of diversity, but with a sense of community. We are a city who values art, culture, and sport and a city that does everything to the fullest. From the moment I moved here to attend college, I knew Philadelphia would have a strong influence on how I grew and continue to grow as a person. From attending local concerts and food/art festivals to rushing to city hall to celebrate a Super Bowl victory, this city has taught me how to be a holistic person and take advantage of all the great things around me.

The culture of Philadelphia has shaped Vynamic’s culture, and this time we got to return the favor by joining Mural Arts Philadelphia for an amazing opportunity…helping create a mural that will be revealed in Philly this upcoming summer!

Spring 2019

Say Cheese!

The Boston team learned all about Cheese and Wine at a "Say Cheese" ThriveLive event. Vynamic welcomed David Robinson, a cheesemonger at Formaggio in Boston's South End. We learned about the history of cheese, cheese making, good wine pairings with cheese, and probably the most intriguing of all: the life and travels of a cheesemonger!

Why I am passionate about it:

I love entertaining, and have always wanted to be able to learn more about cheese and wine pairings to be able to better entertain friends and family. As it turns out, I’m not the only one at Vynamic who shares this interest. Not only was the team able to learn about different cheeses and wines, but we also learned a lot about the history of cheese and the life and travels of cheesemongers. I think we all left with a dream to travel the world tasting cheese!

Spring 2019

Spring in Full Swing at Topgolf

Recently, Vynamic met up to build our skills at a sport many find inaccessible - golf! While golf is a well-known game, it is often daunting for those who have never played. Getting together in a common space with friendly faces, we were able to get a great introduction to the game.

After arrivals, we settled in to some instructor-led practice that helped us build and refine our skills. A majority of those who attended were new to the sport, and were able to receive some dedicated time with a Golf pro to learn individual swing mechanics. After fueling up with some healthy fajita dinners, we broke into teams and engaged in some friendly and rousing competition. Amazingly, the top two teams actually tied, and everyone was able to build their familiarity and comfort level with the game.

Why we are passionate about it:

Golf is a sport I have always struggled with. My parents never taught me to play, and what I do know I have only picked up in bits and pieces over the years. As many golfers know, formal and focused training is the key to developing proficiency in this highly enjoyable game. TopGolf is a super-accessible way for those new to the game to gain instruction in the basics and mechanics, and to feel the thrill of hitting a ball far and straight.

Winter 2019

Vynamic Muhibbah Dinner

On February 21st , Vynamic shared communal meal built around culture and conversation to celebrate diversity – the differences and similarities – that help Vynamic thrive. Muhibbah is a Malay term that describes the pure harmony of multiple races, religions and cultures coming together in the spirit of peace and tolerance. This word is used in Malaysia to characterize celebrations shared between those of different backgrounds.

After hearing some brief remarks from Sarvida chef/owner, Lou Boquila, about Filipino culture and cuisine, we dove in with both hands (literally!) to an amazing meal of sinangag (garlic rice), pinakbet (vegetable stew), roasted chicken, fried pompano, fried pork belly, lumpia (spring rolls). As team members share the meal, we conversed about our backgrounds, inspirations, and what we can each do to create an inclusive environment in our lives and at Vynamic.

Why we are passionate about it:

I am passionate about connecting people with different backgrounds to create a broader and more inclusive dialogue. My husband and I attended The Muhibbah Dinner Series to support SEAMAAC and I was truly inspired at the fellowship and depth of conversation that a shared meal could bring. Muhibbah dinner brings my two passions together: fostering a diverse and inclusive culture and eating!

Winter 2018

Vynamic Sound Journey

Recently, Vynamic hosted 3 local sound and energy workers for a Sound Journey. 22 members of Philadelphia Vynation settled into the Learning Center for some breath work followed by 90+ minutes of sound meditation guided by drums, gongs, flutes, guitars, singing bowls, and more. After finding some zen or we reconvened in the Balance Bar to enjoy dinner from Real Food Eatery.

Team members enjoyed getting to share a different way of finding some calm with the team, and it was fun to share reflections on the experience while dining after our journey. While many of our team members had never experienced something like this, there was a huge expression of gratitude for the experience across the participants.

Why we are passionate about it:

I often struggle to “turn my brain off,” and I’m always looking for ways to find some inner calm. About a year ago I started attending my friend’s monthly sound meditations and was truly blown away by the experience. Instead of more traditional meditations where I’d constantly be processing words, instructions, mantras, etc., I instead found myself quickly melt into my mat, floating in the state between awake and asleep, truly feeling the sounds around me. To my surprise, 2 hours flew by in what seemed like minutes, and the feeling of calmness persisted. Given the positive feedback from what we did during last year’s Healthiest Day meditation sessions, I was so excited to have the opportunity to share this experience with Vynation.

Winter 2018

Mixology – Craft Cocktail Style!

The Boston V-Team came together for a mixology course hosted by DrinkMaster Bartending School, a small academy for bartenders in training. Throughout the evening, we learned the essentials of craft cocktail making from trained bartenders and broke out into four teams to battle it out in a lighthearted trivia competition.

The team learned and practiced the techniques behind preparing drinks like the Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned and a 1930s Havana Daiquiri. While no real ingredients were used – to cut down on the novice mess – the professionals blended up 4 signature drinks for everyone to enjoy. Each team member put their own spin on crushing ice, shaking, and straining before presenting their creation to their “customer.”

Why we are passionate about it:

At Vynamic, one of our five values is LEARNING. We constantly feel empowered to learn new things. To put this into action, the Boston team wanted to jump on the ever-rising craft cocktail wave. We love coming together and picking up new skills – especially if food, drink, and a competition are involved!

Fall 2018

Wax + Wine-Down in Center City!

The Philadelphia team enjoyed a fun evening of candle making at Wax+Wine, a family run business in Center City Philadelphia. The night kicked off with delicious pizza and a chat about the application of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses plant extract and oils to balance out the mind - body connection and enhance your surroundings, thereby improving psychological and physical wellbeing. As the night progressed, Vynamic team members learned how to mix and pour their own candles. Each team member visited the Scent Cellar and sampled over 75 unique scents, from Oatmeal Cookie to Pine Cones to Seashore, and so much more! A few folks even won a free candle for with their perfect hot wax pours!

Why we are passionate about it:

Our healthy culture encourages each of us to continuously learn, grow, and thrive. Coming together to develop a new skill, build something from scratch, and unlock our creative sides allowed us to do just that! What’s better than coming home to unique scent of lavender and honeysuckle filling the air…!

Fall 2018

Mei Mei left us Wonton More!

The Boston team enjoyed a fun evening of dumpling making at Mei Mei, a family run business started by three siblings (hence the name “Mei Mei” which means little sister in Chinese).  The night kicked off with a Skills & Thrills, where each team member shared fond food memories from their childhood.  Then we learned the history of this quaint food truck turned restaurant and how to make several delicious menu items including scallion pancakes and traditional Chinese dumplings!  Each team member put their chef hat on crafting unique shapes for the dumplings and stuffing them with a variety of locally sourced fillings. The evening was filled with laughter, creativity, education and full bellies and left us wonton more!  The team even took home goodie bags of their dumplings to cook later.  Bring on the next dumpling party!

Why we are passionate about it:

Food really connects people.  It’s a bridge that helps engage people from different cultures and ways of life.  We’ve had fond memories of food with our families and enjoy the art and creativity of cooking.  Our Boston team really enjoys getting our hands dirty and building something together. What better way to bring us closer together than through storytelling and food.

Summer 2018

Fluid Vynamics 101

A group of Vynamic coworkers took a professionally guided kayak tour of the Schuylkill River. We took off from the Walnut Street Dock and kayaked up river to Fairmount Water Works. We learned about the history of the river, including the establishments of Philadelphia's second municipal waterworks and the incredible efforts that have been made to revitalize it after suffering significant pollution. We then turned around and enjoyed a beautiful sunset view of the Philadelphia skyline from the water.

Why I’m passionate about it

I grew up doing water sports, everything from sailing to water skiing and even some boogie boarding. I never thought I would be able to enjoy these types of activities in Philly, but due to significant efforts in the last few decades, the Schuylkill River has been cleaned-up and revitalized. The Schuylkill River Banks are now a beloved community space where locals and tourists alike come to run, bike and enjoy the outdoors. I’m was really excited to be able to head back out onto the water and get to enjoy the river in a new way!

Spring 2018

Vynamic Saponification (Soap Making) Class

Going Clean with Dr. Bessette Naturals

A group of Vynamos learned all about the art of saponification in a hands-on class where they created their own custom bars of soap. After learning about the history and process of soap making, each team member was able to mix all natural colorants, essential oils, and skin care nutrients to make their very own soaps and packaging. What better way to be healthy than to have fun learning about the benefits of using all natural ingredients and how you can live healthier in the choices you make every day.

Why I’m Passionate About It
I love learning how to make things from scratch! Particularly for items I would normally buy at a store. It was so great to see everyone’s creative sides come out and I was so excited to be able to gift my one-of-a-kind soaps.

Spring 2018

We Will, We Will, Wok You Vynation!

A group of Vynamic team members enjoyed a fun and informative evening at Honeygrow’s headquarters in Fishtown.  Honeygrow’s founder held a Q&A session where he shared his background, journey through entrepreneurship and his values and how that is reflected in his business decisions. Following the Q&A session, the team viewed a wok demonstration and was able to get hands on with making their own stir-fried noodle dish. While the team was eating and enjoying their dinner, we also included a Diversity & Inclusion component where team members shared stories about foods, utensils, or tools that are unique to their culture or background.

Why I’m Passionate About It
Growing up, my mom always cooked with a wok. She made everything from fried eggs to stir-fries, and noodle dishes in the wok. She was such a great chef and everything she made was magically delicious. However, most of the dishes were not very healthy – it often was fried or high in carbs. When Honeygrow came on the market several years ago, I was excited because it resembled the food that I love and grew up eating, but in a healthier way – with locally sourced ingredients and a higher focus on quality and health.

Spring 2018

Vynamic is Kiln’n It!

A group of Vynamic artists gathered at East Falls Glassworks studio to create and shape their own custom ornaments. The team learned about the glass blowing process, the tools used, and a few different techniques. Each team member picked a unique color combination to incorporate into their ornament and went through the process of gathering the glass, blowing into the pipe, and shaping their own unique ornament.

Why I’m Passionate About It
East Falls Glassworks is in my neighborhood, a community full of artists and their studios. My wife and I participated in classes and periodically stopped in the glassworks studio to see new pieces. Glassblowing is such a fun and rewarding experience. I have such an appreciation for the process and creativity behind glassblowing and am so excited to share it with Vynamic!

Winter 2018

Vynamic Shop Class: Philadelphia Woodworks

A group of Vynamic woodworkers gathered at a professional woodshop for a hands-on class where they created their own custom cutting board. The team learned how to prep and construct rough, unfinished boards and finished them with various woodworking tools. Each team member took home the hand-made cutting board that he/she created.

Why I’m Passionate About It
I took “Construction” in high school and loved my teacher and the class in general! I think there is something so special about creating something yourself (especially when you get a lot of practical use out of your creation). I have always wanted to get back into woodworking – I definitely plan on taking additional classes!

Spring 2017

The Great PIEnamic Bake Off

A group of Vynamic bakers gathered at a professional pastry kitchen to learn how about what goes into baking a pie before crafting a sweet treat of their own. The team learned from a professional pastry chef teach how to make a savory dough, how to make a sweet dough, and how to make pot pies and sweet pies.

Why I’m Passionate About It
I adore baking. It’s my stress-relief, my way to show appreciation, and the one place in life where I make sure I take my time. It combines my love of rules with my love of sharing with others, and this is an opportunity to showcase both! My reasoning for landing on pies versus any other type of pastry is the reality that they’re simple to make, can incorporate seasonal fruits (and vegetables!) and are a staple in my household (my dad makes pies for EVERY holiday).

Winter 2017

Indoor Rock Climbing

A group of Vynamic climbers went to an indoor rock climbing facility, were trained in rock climbing, and spent the evening concurring the different rock climbing walls.

Why I’m Passionate About It
I love fitness and love trying out new work outs! Fitness reminds me that setting goals and working hard towards them do yield results – and I can carry that through to goals in my professional life. Fitness also helps keep me grounded, relieves stress, and is time I can spend on myself. Rock Climbing, in particular, is a great work-out where you can pick a wall to climb up as your goal and continue to practice until you make it to the top, and what a great feeling when you make it to the top.