Thrive Live empowers team members to share their passions. Each month, a Thrive Live Captain plans and executes an event and invites the entire company to join in on the #fun.

Spring 2022

Thrive Live

Members of the Vynamic Durham Team took to the ice to cheer on the Carolina Hurricanes for their 2nd Thrive Live event!

The team enjoyed food, drinks, and a Hurricanes win.

Spring 2022

Boston Harbor Distillery

The Boston Team gathered at the Boston Harbor Distillery for their first in-person Thrive Live in over two years! They were welcomed with a cocktail of their choice, and then spent the evening eating mouth-watering BBQ from The Smoke Shop, tasting handcrafted spirits, and enjoying each other’s company!

The team appreciated their suggested Whiskey/BBQ pairings, while listening to the History of Boston Harbor Distillery from the founder and CEO, Rhonda Kallman. It was a truly wonderful night!

Spring 2022

Callowhill Archery

The Vynamic team put their archery skills to the test at Callowhill Archery range.

We were taught the basic techniques of archery, tested our skills with target practice, and competed in some friendly competition. Thanks to all that came out!

Fall 2021

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

The Vynamic Philadelphia team met at the Tower Theater for a Thrive Live visit to the Van Gogh Immersive Experience.

The team enjoyed a ten-minute virtual reality journey through “A Day in the Life of the Artist”, relaxed with two-story projections of the artist’s most compelling works, and connected over pizza and drinks.

Fall 2021

AR Workshop

The Vynamic Durham team celebrated their inaugural Thrive Live event at AR Workshop.

The evening was filled with priming, painting, delicious food, and great company.

Fall 2021

Free Like Banksy

The Vynamic London team gathered for an afternoon at the Graffik Gallery in Notting Hill for Thrive Live: Free Like Banksy.

The Vynamic London team gathered for an afternoon at the Graffik Gallery in Notting Hill for Thrive Live: Free Like Banksy. The team learned spray painting technics from two former street artists and designed their own piece of art, followed by an evening at the pub for more fun and celebration.

Summer 2021

Philadelphia Summer Soiree

Thrive Live was alive and well in Philadelphia this summer for our 2021 Summer Soiree at Independence Beer Garden! The team came together in person on a record breaking hot day to celebrate this first in-person event in many months.

Thrive Live was alive and well in Philadelphia this summer for our 2021 Summer Soiree at Independence Beer Garden! The team came together in person on a record breaking hot day to celebrate this first in-person event in many months. It was great to see old friendly faces and meet a solid crew of new team members as well. Plenty of smiles, laughter, and of course food and drink was shared by all!

Spring 2021

Salsa Dancing

The Vynamic London Team virtually took to the dance floor to learn Colombian-style Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Vallenato, guided by host Germán David from @tubailecom, live from Bogotá.

The Vynamic London Team virtually took to the dance floor to learn Colombian-style Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Vallenato, guided by host Germán David from the TuBaile dance school, live from Bogotá. Our London team team is now fully prepared to return (survive!) on the dance floor when the UK re-opens.



Why I am passionate about it: 

I travelled to Colombia a couple of years ago and loved learning some of the local dance moves. Dancing is a great way to socialize and meet new people. For the London team it was a great way to learn about Colombian culture, ‘perfect’ a new skill, and connect as a team.

Our host Germán David runs the TuBaile dance school and our support has helped sustain jobs for dancers in Bogotá during the pandemic and deliver dance training scholarships for low-income children.

Summer 2020

Cooking While Looking – Philadelphia

Vynamic Philadelphia recently gathered virtually for their summer Thrive Live, during which Adam Delosso, Executive Chef at Vynamic favorite 12th St Catering guided the team and many members of the extended Vynamic family through the preparation of a gourmet entrée.

Before they knew it, Vynamic chefs were flying around their kitchens learning how to make a delicious fusilli pasta with shrimp, mixed vegetables, and basil-parmesan pesto. The meal was completed with a kale salad and decadent chocolate-raspberry caramel tart. It was such a fun and informative event filled with laughs, wine, fire alarms, and a truly amazing meal with friends and family!


Why we are passionate about it: 

Cooking has always been an important outlet in my life, whether as a personal de-stressor, an avenue for me to get creative, or one of the ways that I show love for my family and friends. One of the things that has brought me and my fiancé joy during these unprecedented times has been getting together in the kitchen and me teaching him to cook. Figuring out what to make next has brought us joy and excitement, and I was so happy to be able to share an event with my Vynamic family in that same spirit.

Emily Janosik

Summer 2020

Cooking While Looking – Boston

Vynamic Boston celebrated their Summer Thrive Live with a cooking class hosted by a local Boston favorite, Chef Johnny Burke of Johnny Burke Catering. The Vynamic team and our select sous chefs (dogs, kids, partners, etc.) sharpened our knives and grabbed our chef hats to whip up a gourmet three course meal.

Chef Johnny welcomed our team into his kitchen to teach us how to cook a vibrant summer salad, homemade ricotta gnocchi with shrimp, corn, and pesto, and an indulgent chocolate mousse. The evening was full of laughs, sweat (rolling gnocchi is quite the workout), and good eats with friends and family! Johnny was an incredible host and the event was the perfect balance of instruction and hands-on activity!


Why we are passionate about it: 

For me, cooking has always served as a way to bring people together. There is nothing more fulfilling than gathering with friends and family over a home-cooked meal. As a foodie, it is even more fun when someone welcomes you into their kitchen to teach you a new recipe that you can share with your loved ones. In these challenging times, we all miss gathering together and this event provided the perfect opportunity to share a delicious meal and toast with friends.



Summer 2020

Wine is Fine!

Vynamic London celebrated their Summer Thrive with a wine tasting with the wonderful Gavin Chanin, winemaker at Chanin Wine in Santa Barbara county California. As an American who has long been a resident of the UK, I wanted to learn more about American wines, and Gavin provided us with an opportunity to do just that.

In our tasting Gavin discussed his background in winemaking, as well as lead a tasting of three of his fabulous wines. Despite his successes, Gavin was tremendously personable and approachable and provided some valuable insight for all levels of wine enthusiasts. We touched on how he started his business, his passion for winemaking and art (his works feature on all his bottles!), as well as the everchanging impact of global warming in viniculture. It was a fun and informative session for the Vynamic team to enjoy a (long overdue!) glass (or three!) of wine together.


Why we are passionate about it: 

For me wine is something you can constantly learn about, and the learning is an especially great experience when it is coming from the winemaker themselves!  I am true believer in a “good wine is what you like,” and that a good wine is something you should always share with friends. In these challenging times, I think we could all use a bit of time to socialise (albeit virtually) with our friends, and toast the good times ahead.

Winter 2020

The Swiss Eat Cheese and Chocolate

Vynamic Boston celebrated an afternoon of Swiss Culture, complete with a gourmet chocolate tasting from Beth Kirsch - Boston’s Chocolate Connoisseur & Founder of Beth’s Chocolate, and the preparation of traditional Swiss fondue & raclette (a semi-hard Swiss cheese prepared on a special grill and then scraped/poured over roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables, or cornichons).

Why we are passionate about it: 

Growing up (and to this day), my family was very passionate about our Swiss culture. From our holiday traditions to our deep love of chocolate, we celebrate that part of our heritage (and eat way too much Toblerone in the process). Fondue and raclette are traditional meals that we prepare in the winter months, and I’m excited to share those traditions with Vynamic at our Thrive Live. Both are very social foods that bring people together – and who doesn’t love a meal that’s 90% melted cheese?

My Dad grew up in Switzerland and many members of my extended family call it home. Switzerland is a beautiful country with a rich heritage, and growing up I spent a lot of time there visiting family. Sharing traditional foods with the Vynamic team and a little glimpse into Swiss culture is a fun and unique way to bring a little of my family background to Vynamic!



Winter 2020

Aroi Mak Mak – A Taste of Thailand

Team members from the Vynamic Philly office celebrated the first Thrive Live event of 2020 by sampling a number of “Aroi Mak Mak” (delicious in Thai) Thai dishes curated by the chef at JJ Thai Cuisine, and learning how to make a Thai classic - Som Tum (shredded papaya salad).

Why I am passionate about it: 

I lived in Thailand for a year after college teaching English and traveling around Southeast Asia. During this time I fell in love with the beautiful country, rich culture, welcoming people, and delicious (Aroi) food.

I have been back multiple times over the last 10 years and each time there I find a sense of peace that is hard to find anywhere else. One way I find a little bit of that peace here in the US is by enjoying a special Thai meal with those close to me. Now I am extremely excited to share this experience with my colleagues!

Fall 2019

Sips & Scripts

The Philadelphia team met up at Triple Bottom Brewing where they learned the basics of calligraphy from Rachel and Anna at Tallulah Ketubahs, practiced some beautiful lettering techniques, and enjoyed the brewery's delicious beer and dinner from Honey Grow.

Why I am passionate about it: 

Have you ever noticed how lovely some of our friend’s handwriting is?  Have you ever wished your own messages came across more “thoughtful, beautiful, classy?” This event provided the chance to learn the basics of the art of calligraphy.

I’m also really excited about the event space.  Triple Bottom Brewing at 9th and Spring garden is a new mission-driven brewery with values that resonate with any Vynamic team member.  As their name suggests, they have a “triple bottom line.”  They’re not just about profits, but also take action in support of the environment and the community.  And their space is gorgeous!  Learn more here:

Kickball – Vynation vs. Vynation

The Philadelphia team had an incredible time at our Fall Thrive Live Kickball: Vynation v. Vynation event. We split into two teams, red and blue, for an extra-innings kickball showdown at a local park, followed by a family-style meal of some of Philly’s finest offerings.

Why I am passionate about it: 

Kickball is a fun sport that is simple enough for everyone to play, but still allows for competitive spirit to thrive. It’s a schoolyard game that most of us stopped playing years ago, so it was a refreshing and enjoyable way to spend an evening with friends.

Matthew Howard

Summer 2019

Philadelphia Summer Soiree

The Philadelphia team toasted the end of summer at our 3rd annual Thrive Live Summer Soiree: a fun evening filled with drinks, food, games, and great company at Independence Beer Garden.