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Why Invest in Your Operating Model?​​

Your operating model & org design – how work gets done – is hugely impactful on your ability to succeed and can be a source of competitive advantage in the market, impacting key metrics such as employee satisfaction, productivity, and company performance.

Leaders Reassess Their Operating Model & Org Design When They Need To:

  • Transform: “We have developed a new vision and strategy to differentiate us from competition. How can we best organize ourselves to achieve it?”
  • Innovate: “The market is changing faster than we can adapt. How can we get our teams to try new things, learn quickly, and scale successes?”
  • Grow: “Our organization was designed for who we used to be, not who we are now or who we want to become. How can we set ourselves up for the future?”
  • Integrate & Spin-Off: “Our core businesses are integrating with one another. How can we make the whole greater than the sum of its parts?”

Why Vynamic

We believe there is a healthier way to approach org design that is consumable by the organization, reduces disruption, and leads to better outcomes. Our balanced approach is grounded in industry best practices, informed by a well-rounded understanding of healthcare industry dynamics and trends, and tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

We look beyond structural org charts to ensure a holistic design that considers layers of interdependent elements:

  • Strategy & Desired Capabilities align leadership on the organization’s “north star” and describe what the design elements are solving for
  • Structure defines the power dynamic – hierarchical reporting relationships, roles & responsibilities
  • Connective Tissue describes the flow of information to break down inevitable silos created by the structure
  • Rewards & Performance Measures recognize the impact of human motivations. Are individual incentives aligned with those of the organization?
  • People looks at whether we have the right people to fill the right seats. If not, how do we get there?
  • Leadership & Culture set the tone. How do team norms influence behavior to work collaboratively and drive results?


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