i am: Adrien Moucquot

Adrien Moucquot
Adrien Moucquot

My Vynamic Color
Liberty Verdigris

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Providers, Public Health

Past employment
Ernst & Young

Passionate about
Everything related to History, Science and Philosophy

Favorite travel destination
Rio de Janeiro during the Carnival period

My Vynamic color
Liberty Verdigris is the blue-green patina formed when copper is exposed to air. It is a color found in nature that is both beautiful and mysterious. It reminds me that even though nothing exists forever, change can be viewed as a positive thing

Masters of Bioengineering, Paris-Sud University; Masters of Marketing, HEC Paris

Select functional expertise
Strategic Planning, Process Design, Organizational Change

Favorite professional work experience
Organizing and moderating an event on convergence across sectors with 300 C-suite clients in San Francisco

Locations I’ve Lived
Paris, Brussels, Berlin, London

London favorite
Walking along the Regent Canal during summer

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