i am: Alice Venkatesan

Alice Venkatesan
Alice Venkatesan


My Vynamic Color
Pastel Yellow

Healthcare sector experience
Providers, Public Health, Health Plans

Favorite professional work experience
Working with Adult Social Care locality teams, leading an operating model design, implementation, and change management programme where we worked with the client to instill new behaviours and improve performance based on a co-developed high level operating model about how to put people and communities at the heart of social care. 

My professional passion
I love working directly with and coaching clients to understand both their own individual potential but also how they can work together with their teams effectively to bring about sustainable positive change to the environments which they work within. 

Keys for success
Understand what balance means to you and how you can achieve that. For me, it’s all about positively balancing work, family, fitness, and friends! 

Why the Healthcare industry
There is no better feeling and motivation than knowing that the work that you do is having a positive impact on both organisational outcomes but also broader societal outcomes. 

My Vynamic color
Pastel Yellow – Yellow is the colour of happiness and joy and joy is my last name. I try my best to both radiate joy and also surround myself with people who bring me joy.

You may not have known
I am a qualified Personal Trainer and can teach spinning, boxing, and metabolic circuits 

Favorite personal accomplishment
Swimming across the English Channel at night as a relay for charity with two of my best friends 

My favorite restaurant
Eataly – I haven’t tasted pasta or pizza quite so fresh and delicious in the UK! 

Favorite local community event
Columbia road flower market on a Sunday 

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