i am: Ankoor Tailor

Ankoor Tailor
Ankoor Tailor


My Vynamic Color
Panna Green

Healthcare sector experience
Providers, Health Plans, Healthcare Technology 

B.A. Business Economics, University of California Riverside; MHA, University of Southern California 

Industry Technologies
Athena, Availity, Stratasan, PeopleSoft, Epic, Smartsheet, Tableau, Microsoft Office 

Favorite professional work experience
Managed the negotiation of 20+ health plan contracts for an academic children’s hospital which led to a $90M revenue increase over three years. The revenue increase enabled the Children’s Hospital to build a new outpatient hospital tower to improve access 

Best early career advice received
Always strive to do the best work possible and to check everything twice. It can take a while to build people’s confidence and that confidence can be broken in one instance 

My Vynamic color
Panna Green – Panna is my mom’s name, and her name means emerald. Emerald green is bright and vivid

My family
My amazing wife, Reema. I also have one older sister who is married with two daughters 

Favorite sports teams
Golden State Warriors (been a fan since 2001), 49ers, SF Giants, and USC Trojans 

Little known fact
I was an extra in the movie Stretch, which stars Ed Helms, Chris Pine, and Jessica Alba 

Music and arts involvement
I grew up learning how to play Indian songs on the keyboard and playing the Tabla (Indian drums). I was also a member of my college’s Indian folk-dance team 

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