i am: Ann Truant

Ann Truant
Ann Truant


My Vynamic Color
Wrought Iron

My professional passion
My professional passion anchors around helping others solve complex challenges – I love working with strong teams and finding those solutions together. I am most fulfilled in being a part of a process and a team that achieves their goal, no matter how big or how small  

B.B.A. in Management and International Business, Villanova School of Business 

Past employment

Best early career advice received
Be a lifelong learner; surround yourself with people that lift you up 

Locations I’ve worked
45 states and 7 different countries! 

My Vynamic color
Wrought Iron – To me, Wrought Iron represents strength, endurance, and bringing the full weight of my own assets to every interaction 

My family
My husband, Steve, and my beautiful son, Jack 

Athletic pursuits
I love running. I’ve run the Philadelphia Marathon three times and the Marine Corps Marathon once. Still deciding on where the next one will be!  

Hobby I’ve spent way too much time on
Painting denim jackets for friends and family – all occasions and events require a custom jean jacket in my opinion!  

A Philadelphia favorite
I could eat a Jim’s Cheesesteak any day of the week!  

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