i am: Chris Yim

Chris Yim
Chris Yim


My Vynamic Color
Seaworthy Blue

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences

Select functional expertise
Strategic Planning, Process Design, Systems Implementations, Organizational Change, Project Management 

Favorite professional work experience
Delivering a strategic digital ecosystem roadmap to help commercialize a new oncology therapy and building a multi-year capital funding request to bring this plan to fruition; ultimately launching a digital platform to enhance the patient experience throughout the treatment journey

Past employment
EY Consulting

My Vynamic color
Seaworthy Blue – The vast, open sea has always intrigued me. Gazing out to sea is calming and yet, at the same time, full of untapped mystery and adventure. For a vessel to be fit for the sea, it must be well-equipped, trustworthy, and resilient – characteristics that I personally strive to uphold

My professional passion
Developing actionable strategies and leveraging technology to advance healthcare for all

Favorite personal accomplishment
Helping to plan and launch Canvas City Church in Philadelphia

Favorite travel destination
Ever since visiting Banff National Park, I would say my ideal travel destination is anything related to the natural wonders of this world. I want to travel and see the parts of the world that remain untouched by humans 

I could teach you how to
Handcraft small- to medium-sized leather goods

Little known fact
I have always been a craftsman at heart, with an affinity for building things with my hands. I enjoy learning how things are made and then making them – whether its fixing things around the house, leatherworking, woodworking, metalworking, throwing clay on a wheel, or something new

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