i am: D Hicks

D Hicks
D Hicks


My Vynamic Color
Impact Orange

Vynamic Role
IT Operations Engineer 

Past Employment
USLBM, Cenlar FSB, MSIT, Army National Guard 

Favorite professional work experience
Being part of an IT panel for a vendor’s annual conference called NerdioCon 

Best early career advice received
“As a leader, you never task someone with a job that you’d never do. Lead by example and be willing to help regardless of your position/title” 

Why the Healthcare industry
Healthcare and IT are one in the same. They are always changing, so there is always opportunity to continue learning in both fields. I love a challenge, but I also love helping others. The Healthcare industry relies on the ability to help and make an impact. I want to be part of helping and making an impact

Impact Orange
Impact Orange – This represents my willingness to give with excitement, happiness, and most of all – being very attentive to the task at hand. With this recipe, I am bound to make an impact whether that be small or large. I am willing to take a task head on, but with great caution to ensure I can go above and beyond  

Favorite personal accomplishment
Enlisting in the Military 

My family
My wife, Sam, and two daughters, Sahar and Soleil  

Favorite sports team
Pittsburgh Steelers 

I can’t live without
Music, it’s my second language  

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