i am: DJ O’Connor

DJ O’Connor
DJ O’Connor


My Vynamic Color
Shamrock Green

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences

Recent select project
Creating an innovative drug launch plan for an international pharmaceutical company using insights from launch successes and failures over the past 20 years

Past employment
Clarkston Consulting, GlaxoSmithKline

Favorite personal accomplishment
Running my first half marathon and completing my first full Tough Mudder last year

My Vynamic color
Shamrock Green – a reminder that through hard work and determination, you can create your own luck

Why the healthcare industry
Creating a healthcare environment that enables people to receive better care in simpler ways is a personal passion of mine

Favorite travel destination
Dublin, Ireland! I try to go every few years

Little known fact
I can play the guitar, bass, and drums

Favorite sports teams
Flyers, Eagles, and all Temple sports

A Philadelphia best kept secret
Chubby’s Steaks across the street from Dalessandro’s is just as good and you never have to wait in line

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