i am: Gemma Pfister

Gemma Pfister
Gemma Pfister

My Vynamic Color
Infinite Indigo

My Vynamic role
Executive and London Hub Lead

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Life Sciences Commercial and Medical Strategy Development & Implementation; Customer Experience & Innovation; Operating Model Design and Implementation; Change Management; Communication Strategy; Culture Curation

I joined Vynamic
So that I can can focus my interests and energy exclusively in healthcare. As a Life Sciences devotee, at Vynamic I can explore the intersction of Life Sciences cross sector, and pursue my potential in other Vynamic healthcare sectors, such as Provider and Healthcare Technology

My Vynamic color
Infinite Indigo, like when the sky climbs towards space, and when the sea sinks to the deep. Infinite indigo has endless curiosity and countless possibilities

My professional passion
I am most fulfilled when understanding and solving complex challenges through and with others. As a life-long fixer, I always strive to bring out the best in others and bring about positive change and achievement for people, teams, and businesses in healthcare

My favorite Vynamic experience event
Celebrating with Vynamic Team Members at the 2019 Global Leaders in Consulting Awards, and receiving the Award for Excellence in Innovation

Community causes
I am part of People Helping People, a community-based support to meet the needs of people who find themselves isolated without family, friends, or a support network

Favorite travel destination
Home to Ireland – for sea, hills, quietness, and human kindness

Now learning how to
I am learning the viola, the larger and more unwieldy sibling of the violin. It has a rich and full tenor voice and learning to play it is quite a challenge for me!

A London best kept secret
The beautiful Regent’s Canal, an 8.6-mile waterway winding through North London – loved by boaters and cyclists, runners and walkers. Vynamic Team London had a wonderful day out on the Canal to mark our 1-year anniversary

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