i am: Gemma Pfister

Gemma Pfister
Gemma Pfister

My Vynamic Color
Infinite Indigo

Healthcare sector experience
20 + years of experience in Global Healthcare

Select functional expertise
Commercial and Medical Strategy; Operational Strategy; Healthcare Communications Strategy, Customer Engagement Strategy

Other industry expertise
Personalized healthcare/precision medicine; all major disease areas; rare diseases; biosimilars and generics, speciality care, critical care, primary care

My Vynamic color
Infinite indigo, like when the sky climbs towards space, and when the sea sinks to the deep. Infinite indigo has endless curiosity and countless possibilities

Passionate about
All aspects of ancient history such as archeology, culture, art, and music

My professional passion
Learning through challenge and alongside others. I care about bringing out the best in others so that we can be even better

Past employment
InterPhase Consult, Gardiner-Caldwell, Qiagen, Germany, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Music and arts involvement
We have eleven different types of instruments in our house – that’s a lot of music and music lessons!

German, Irish, French, and currently learning Latin American Spanish

Favorite travel destination
Home to Ireland

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