i am: Haben Debessay

Haben Debessay
Haben Debessay


My Vynamic Color
Fightin Blue Hen Blue

My Vynamic role
Chief Operating Officer

Select functional experience
Strategic Planning & Mobilization, Partnership Integration, Project & Program Management

Favorite professional work experience
Assisting a Healthcare Analytics client to stand up a new technology organization

Past employment

BS & MBA, University of Delaware

My professional passion
Enabling team members to be in the best position to deliver extraordinary results for our clients

My favorite Vynamic experience
Being part of the planning team for Summit Up Spring 2015

My family
Sarah (wife), Avery (daughter), and Myles (son)

You may not have known
That my name means “My Pride”. Both of my parents are from a small country named Eritrea

My Vynamic Color
Fightin Blue Hen Blue – It represents my love for my alma mater and hometown of Newark, DE


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