i am: Hari Pillai

Hari Pillai
Hari Pillai


My Vynamic Color
Pangea Proxima Green

Healthcare sector experience
Providers, Health Plans, and Integrated Health Systems  

Other industry expertise 
I am trained as a Physician 

Recent select project
Assisting healthcare provider clients understand their financial positions during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Keys for success
Be genuine, authentic, and present in the moment 

MBBS (MD), Kannur University; MPH, Boston University  

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman 

Favorite personal accomplishment
Building my own computer from scratch when I was 14 

My family
My wife, Priyanka who is an architect, and my 5-year-old German Shepherd, Zoe 

Passionate about
Space exploration and its related possibilities   

My Vynamic color
Pangea Proxima Green – At one point, the earth had one large supercontinent called Pangea, before all the continents split up and drifted away. The prevailing theory for the future is that the continents will move back together again to be a supercontinent called Pangea Proxima. Pangea Proxima Green represents a hope for a future united and green world 

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