i am: Helen Liu

Helen Liu
Helen Liu


My Vynamic Color

Healthcare area of focus
Population health, social determinants, growth strategy, philanthropy  

Keys for success
Follow: things you care about; kind, brilliant people; projects that challenge you. Be good to others and yourself 

Locations I’ve worked
NYC, DC, Durham, Malaysia, Tanzania, and now Boston! 

Why the Healthcare industry
When people are healthy and have their basic needs met, they can pursue their unique, bigger dreams. I am incredibly passionate about empowering others in this way. I hope that our work helps build a world where everyone has that chance! Also, healthcare is fascinating and fun.  

My favorite book about healthcare
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down  

My Vynamic color
Gardens – I love nature! You can often find me exploring new trails or getting excited about little details in gardens 

Community causes
Besides healthcare, I am passionate about education and community-building. I have also worked in impact investing and am a big fan of the sector! 

My favorite
My favorite milkshake place is Cook Out. I once drove an hour for it. Cook Out, if you’re reading this, please sponsor me!  

How I unwind
Hiking, running, dancing, meditation  

Recently learned how to
SUP and surf. Did I fall off most of the time? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes!  

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