i am: Jada Goodwin

Jada Goodwin
Jada Goodwin


My Vynamic Color
Balanced Blue

My professional passion
Helping people by solving their problems & enabling them to work more efficiently

BBA, Management Information Systems, Temple University

Past employment
KPMG, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Best early career advice received
You are in this role because you know and excel at something they don’t – regardless of level or title. Don’t let anything hold you back from taking control of the room

Bottom line
I am a bit of a polymath – I have a wide range of skills and am always picking up new talents

My family
I have a beautiful, smart baby girl named Anya, three younger sisters whose names also begin with “J”, and my parents are classic lovebirds who have been together since they were 12 years old!

My pet
I have a wild crazy house cat named Meow Meow (the baby named him) and a family Bichon Frise named Shyloe

Athletic pursuits
Running – I participated in track & field most of my life

I could teach you how to
Build a bot, renovate a home, design a custom logo/graphic/website, plant a thriving garden, make pastries, and change the diaper of a moving toddler!

Favorite travel destination
The beach – any beach! I truly love the ocean

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