i am: Janet Binswanger

Janet Binswanger
Janet Binswanger

My Vynamic Color
Colorado Summer

My Vynamic role
Senior Events & Experience Director

Most exciting moment of my career
Catering an Inaugural Ball for President Obama’s first term. It was thrilling to be part of such a historical celebration

Famous at Vynamic for
Planning memorable fun filled events

How I unwind
I love the outdoors, so I often find myself walking or biking anytime that I can

My Vynamic color
Colorado Summer reminds me of summertime in Aspen; hiking and biking; enjoying the bright blue sky, glowing sunshine, purple wildflowers, green grass and trees all around

My family
My family means the world to me. I have 3 sons and a daughter along with my husband and his two daughters. Together we have 95 extended family members!

Favorite personal accomplishment
I created, owned, and operated Culinary Concepts, Inc (off-premise premier catering) for 23 years

Rules to live by
Always laugh when you can, it is the best medicine!

Favorite professional work experience
Creating and operating Culinary Concepts Inc. for 23 years

I could teach you how to
Cook with whatever is in your pantry and make it taste great!

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