i am: Jason Birdsell

Jason Birdsell
Jason Birdsell

My Vynamic Color
Golden Steel

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Sales Force Deployment, Brand Strategy

Select functional expertise
Process and Operations Design; Organization Design; Change Management, System Implementation

Passionate about
My family – pursuing life’s adventures with my wife and kids fills me with joy

Why the healthcare industry
It’s dynamic, complicated, and impactful — in other words, it’s challenging, exciting and fun!

Penn State B.S. Finance & International Business

How I unwind
A trail run on a cool morning chasing the runner’s high – true peace and happiness. My favorite place to run is the Schuylkill Canal

My Vynamic color
When you’re “Golden”, life is awesome.  “Steel” represents both strength and my roots.  Simply put, “Golden Steel” embodies why I feel like the luckiest person alive

Athletic pursuits
I am training for a new personal record in the 5k

Little known fact
I once ran for public office (and lost by 200 votes)

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