i am: Jenn Jackson

Jenn Jackson
Jenn Jackson


My Vynamic Color
Cerulean Glitter

My professional passion
Turning numbers into understandable terms. I love translating accounting for non-accountants to easily understand the impact their work has on the financials/bottom line

Past employment
KPMG, Aryzta

Favorite professional work experience
During my audit internship, I assisted in a pilot audit software project that worked cross functionally with the IT department 

Keys for success
Define success for yourself and then engage with managers whose definitions align with yours. Be open to change. Trust yourself 

My Vynamic color
Cerulean Glitter – This is the color of the water with a pop of sparkle. I am calm, lovely, and fierce – leaving an impact on the environment around me, and I stand out when the right light is shone on me 

B.B.A. in Accounting, Howard University; M.S. in International Business, NJIT  

Favorite saying
“It may be highly improbable, but it’s not impossible”  

My favorite movie
Cinderella. I own seven versions, including one in German (the first movie I ever watched with subtitles). To me, Cinderella is about pursuing your dreams despite circumstances 

Music and arts involvement
I love the performing arts. In school I played flute, sang in choir, and acted in the annual school musicals. As an adult, I leave it all to the professionals, but I love visiting the Avenue of the Arts in Philadelphia to watch the Philadelphia OrchestraPennsylvania Ballet, and Philadelphia Opera Company 

Favorite tradition
For the past seven years, I have hosted an annual Christmas game night for my friends, and we play a very raucous game of Scattergories. Bet you didn’t know you could argue so much in a word game


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