i am: Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith

My Vynamic Color
Blue Sky Basin

Select functional expertise
Systems integration testing and deployment

Pennsylvania State University, BS Energy Business and Finance and minor in Economics

Community causes
I sing in my local parish choir as well as the Archdiocesan Choir at the Philadelphia Cathedral and performed for Pope Francis at the World Meeting of Families in September 2015

Favorite personal accomplishment
Finishing the 2014 Philadelphia Marathon in 3:32:42

My Vynamic color
My favorite color has always been blue, so for me it was a matter of which blue to pick. I chose Blue Sky Basin because it’s my favorite run in Vail, CO


Recent select project
Implementing a mobile technology solution that enhanced workforce productivity and increased efficiency in operations and maintenance

Past employment

You may not have known
I was born on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky. When our passports were stolen in London and we needed temporary ones they asked my mother where I was born and she couldn’t remember which town! I was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky or maybe it was Clarksville, Tennessee

Favorite sports teams
Eagles, Penn State, and Army football

My pet
Chloe Bear, the most spastic mini Australian Shepard north of the Mason-Dixon line

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