i am: Karan Pandya

Karan Pandya
Karan Pandya


My Vynamic Color
Beacon Yellow

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Vaccine Development, Human Challenge Trials, Regulatory/Ethics Processes and Approvals, Developing R&D Commercial Frameworks  

Favourite professional work experience
Working as a Project Manager for the UK Government’s Vaccine Taskforce in order to accelerate vaccine development and develop the strategy behind COVID-19 booster campaigns

My professional passion
Using storytelling, data, and unique visuals to attain new levels of understanding and consensus

Best early career advice received
A fun work environment is often a productive and high-performing one – always try and bring enthusiasm and fun into everything you do, and you might just succeed

Favorite teamwork moment in the workplace
Creating a Data Model to support an organisational change programme which included datasets from 50+ countries & 5,000+ employees – all of this was done in less than 3 days in a small, windowless room with 3 of my stellar colleagues (aided by lots of coffee and donuts)

My Vynamic color
Beacon Yellow – This represents someone that holds the promise of hope. There have been some incredible mentors in my life who have had this quality, and this is something I try to bring to the workplace through being enthusiastic, expressive, and getting involved!  

Passionate about
My home gym, which albeit being very compact, is my pride and joy  

My favourite movie
Lord of the Rings Trilogy (extended editions). I am quite confident that I must hold a world record for the number of times I have re-watched these films 

I’m certified as
A Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner 

Interesting summer job
Working as a cultural ambassador in Madrid for 6 months. A personal highlight of the experience was giving the Queen of Spain a guided tour! 

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