i am: Kristina Uelsmann

Kristina Uelsmann
Kristina Uelsmann


My Vynamic Color
Midnight Plum

Healthcare sector experience
Healthcare Technology, Providers 

B.S. in Health Systems Management, Loyola University Chicago 

Past employment
Claro Healthcare, ECG Management Consultants, Olive AI 

Best early career advice received
Embrace lifelong learning 

Recent select project
Led a workstream composed of healthcare executives and physicians to develop a clinical operations strategy that included enhanced scheduling practices, Cerner optimization, and newly redesigned clinic workflows for over 15 ambulatory clinics and over 100 providers. 

My Vynamic color
Midnight Plum – This deep purple color evokes feelings of creativity, stability, wisdom, and mystery. Purple tends to occur rarely in nature, so it is viewed as rare and intriguing  

Favorite personal accomplishment
Completing Chicago’s Hustle up the Hancock, a charity event to raise funds for the Respiratory Health Association. The event involves climbing all the way to the top of this skyscraper (~100 flights of stairs!) 

My pet
Leo and Chives, my two rescue cats! 

Passionate about
Health and Wellness. I’m always listening to podcasts about how to improve our overall wellbeing and create healthy habits 

Unusual past job
I worked at IHOP as my first job. Fun fact, pancake batter is added to omelets to make them fluffy! 

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