i am: Larisa Weihbrecht

Larisa Weihbrecht
Larisa Weihbrecht

My Vynamic Color

Why the healthcare industry
It is complex, dynamic, and working in an industry that helps people never goes out of style

Unusual past job
In high school I was both a chiropractic assistant and a car rental agent

My Vynamic color
Poppy is the traditional flower for August, the month my twins were born in

My pet
Martini, a sassy maltese

Penn State University, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology




Best early career advice received
Putting yourself in the client’s shoes and having their best interest at heart always leads to success

What I’m reading
Anything I can get my hands on.  In 2012, I read 35 books.

My professional passion
Business process design and improvement

Slavuta, Ukraine

Passionate about
Understanding and creating awareness about making healthy consumer choices, from the food we eat to the personal products we use.  If you hand me a box, I’ll turn it over to read the ingredients.

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