i am: Maggie Gorman

Maggie Gorman
Maggie Gorman


My Vynamic Color
BlueBird Day Blue

Favorite professional work experience 
Designing and executing tactical and leadership training for mid-level management at my prior firm 

Past employment 
ClearView Healthcare Partners 

B.S. in Biology, Boston College (Go Eagles!) 

Keys for success
Be adaptive, receptive, and humble as there is always an opportunity to learn and grow from our community and environment 

My industry passion 
Working with life science manufacturers to execute new product planning for rare disease, particularly via novel therapeutic platforms (e.g., gene editing, gene therapy, mRNA) 

My family 
I grew up with 5 older brothers – there was never a moment of peace, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!  

Athletic pursuits 
Running, hiking, skiing (downhill and uphill), HIIT, Yoga 

How I unwind 
Spending time in nature – whether it’s sailing or swimming in Avalon, NJ, or hiking, skiing, or climbing out West, there is nothing that a healthy dose of fresh air and sun cannot fix 

Favorite travel destination 
Sapa in Northern Vietnam, or Margaret River in Western Australia 

Can’t live without 
La Colombe Coffee

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