i am: Maria Girgis

Maria Girgis
Maria Girgis


My Vynamic Color
Sunshine Blue

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Healthcare Technology 

Why the healthcare industry
We’re all consumers of health in some way; when we help create change at an organizational level, we help change circumstances on a personal one 

B.S. in Healthcare Management, The University of Texas at Dallas 

My professional passion
Building relationships and solving complex problems in the healthcare space to streamline the patient experience 

Past employment
Cerner, IQVIA, Allscripts 

My Vynamic color
Sunshine Blue – Growing up, I was a pretty shy kid who had a hard time teaching people how to say my name, until a good friend said “Oh, like a ray of sunshine!” and it’s stuck with me ever since! 

You may not have known
In my free time I’m a wedding singer! 

Favorite sports team
Dallas Mavericks 

I speak fluent Egyptian Arabic 

Favorite local community event
Deep Ellum Arts Festival in downtown Dallas 

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