i am: Marisa Deline

Marisa Deline
Marisa Deline


My Vynamic Color
Redbud Blossom

Healthcare sector area of focus
Quality Improvement, Care Variation Reduction, Strategic Planning, Staff Engagement and Retention, Service Line Strategy and Management

Favorite professional work experience
Helping nurse leaders overcome strategic and operational challenges while leading the Advisory Board’s nursing research team

B.A. in Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis; M.A. in Applied Anthropology, University of Maryland, College Park

Bottom line
I am a healthcare anthropologist, passionate about active listening and identifying actionable solutions to nuanced challenges

Favorite sports team
The US Women’s National Soccer Team

Best early career advice received
Asking for help and advice is a muscle you should constantly work to strengthen

Community cause
Casey Trees – Planting trees in urban areas helps to improve air quality, reduce air temperatures, prevent soil erosion, and reduce toxic runoff

Athletic pursuits
I periodically run half marathons and am experimenting with trail racing – fingers crossed for my ankles!

I could teach you how to
Make an incredible chocolate chip cookie

My Vynamic color
Redbud Blossom – When these trees bloom, the flare of magenta is a sign that spring has fully arrived

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