i am: Mark Savini

Mark Savini
Mark Savini


My Vynamic Color
Mediterranean Blue

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Healthcare Technology 

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Oncology, CNS, Neurology, Cell & Gene Therapy  

Favorite professional work experience
One of my proudest accomplishments was the development of a strategic playbook to advise our client partner on how they could decrease price erosion as generic competition entered the market upon loss of exclusivity for two therapeutics that accounted for more than $1B in annual revenue 

B.A. in Supply Chain Management with a Minor in Information Systems Management, The Pennsylvania State University  

Best early career advice received
Always dream big, work smart, and look for the opportunity to learn in every scenario  

My Vynamic color
Mediterranean Blue – This reminds me of my ancestry in Italy as well as the calming and peacefulness of the sea 

Favorite sports teams
Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Chelsea Football Club  

Favorite saying
Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching  

As a child I wanted to be
An archaeologist as I have always been fascinated with history  

My hero
Elon Musk – he dreams bigger than anyone before him, and doesn’t let any critics deter him 

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