i am: Melanie Konstant

Melanie Konstant
Melanie Konstant


My Vynamic Color
Five Star Yellow

Healthcare sector expertise
Public Health 

My professional passion
Solving complex problems and helping my clients and teammates accomplish their goals 

Why the healthcare industry
To collaborate with teams and organizations who are passionate about creating healthier communities 

MBA in Healthcare Management and Leading Organizations, Johns Hopkins University; B.S. in Public Health and Policy Studies, Syracuse University  

Athletic pursuits
Kickboxing, pilates, hiking, running 

My Vynamic color
Five Star Yellow – Represents my time working in healthcare quality star ratings programs. Additionally, I am always striving to accomplish new things and to be the best version of myself  

My pet
My rescue cat – Ulysses 

Favorite travel destinations
My family visits Cape May every summer 

Locations I’ve worked
New Hampshire, Syracuse, Washington D.C., Philadelphia  

Recent select project
Expanding a federal healthcare quality rating program to better assist millions of consumers to make informed choices about their health insurance options 

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