i am: Moses Adenaike

Moses Adenaike
Moses Adenaike

My Vynamic Color
Soothing Silver

University of Pennsylvania

Best early career advice received
To always focus on growth and run your own race

Locations I’ve worked
San Francisco and Mountainview, CA

My favorite book
The Great Gatsby. Gatsby is a charmingly grandiose personification of the lengths we’re willing to go to for the people we love

Why the Healthcare industry
I believe healthcare is fundamental to the human experience. I want to devote my talent and skill set to improving healthcare outcomes

Keys for success
Stay calm, plan several steps ahead and always re-evaluate

Monrovia, Liberia

Favorite sports teams
Real Madrid, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76ers

As a child I wanted to be
A professional soccer player

My Vynamic color
Silver stands out while being humble and under the radar. It brings about an air of familiarity and peace while it can certainly steal the show when it needs to. This juxtaposition summarizes my personality

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